Brunch for a special day

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The holiday season is a time for family, friends, party time, we usually we change our schedule or sometime we eat too much and after all we don’t fancy a complete meal, or we want to eat those leftovers we have in the fridge for 3 days… or maybe we just wanna have brunch!

My brunch contains:

Unsweetened yoghurt, une spoonful of cereal, half an apple and a splash of honey


Vegetal pakoras

We mix three tbsp of gram flour with one tbsp of water, creating a batter paste. We add a tbsp of garan masala and stir well.We cut the vegetables in stir. We dip the vegetables in the paste. We fry the vegetables in a hot pan with a little oil until they are crispy.


We serve yoghurt sauce ans mango chutney as a side:


Lebanese pizza

I bought some libanese bread the other day and I had one as leftover, I added it some tomato sauce and some mushrooms. Ten minutes in the oven and delicious!


Chai tea

It’s always fantastic to enjoy a nice tea from La petite planèthé.



Have a nice meal!


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